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perth flight centre
Penjet and Star Aviation New Terminals Perth Airport
As part of Rockingham FIFO Shuttles, we strive to keep our passengers informed and comfortable during...
image of a qantas plane at perth airport
Rockingham FIFO Shuttles. A step-by-step guide to booking an airport transfer
At Rockingham FIFO Shuttles, we often receive questions about how to book our services and how the process...
image showing the endangered penguin island penguins
Saving Penguin Island's Little Penguins: A Community's Urgent Call to Action
Penguin Island, a charming haven off the coast of Rockingham, is home to one of nature’s most endearing...
person thinking if fifo work is worth doing
Is It Worth Doing FIFO Work in Australia: Pros and Cons
Introduction FIFO (Fly-In Fly-Out) work arrangements have become a staple in industries that require...
fifo workers using a greener transport solution
Choosing Rockingham FIFO Shuttles: A Smart Choice for a Greener and Safer Future
At Rockingham FIFO Shuttles, we are delighted to see a growing number of passengers opting for our services...
image of perth airports upcoming upgrades
Upcoming Changes at Perth Airport: Impact on FIFO Workers
Perth Airport is undergoing significant transformations that will greatly affect FIFO (Fly-In Fly-Out)...
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