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Penjet and Star Aviation New Terminals Perth Airport

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As part of Rockingham FIFO Shuttles, we strive to keep our passengers informed and comfortable during times of transition. We have important updates for Penjet and Star Aviation FIFO passengers regarding new terminal arrangements at Perth Airport.

Changes for Penjet FIFO Passengers

Starting immediately, Penjet FIFO passengers will now be dropped off and picked up at a temporary area located at 52 Redcliffe Road. This change is necessary due to the demolition of the Flight Centre building, making way for the new Mineral Resources (MRL) building. While the new site is being developed, Penjet passengers can expect the following:

  • New Drop-off Location: 52 Redcliffe Road
  • Temporary Facilities: The area will have all necessary facilities to ensure comfort and convenience during this transition.
  • Shuttle Coordination: Our shuttles will operate on the usual schedule, now adjusted to the new drop-off location to ensure timely transfers.

Changes for Star Aviation FIFO Passengers

Star Aviation passengers will now be flying out of Jandakot Airport. This shift is also a result of the ongoing construction at the previous terminal site. Here’s what Star Aviation passengers need to know:

  • New Departure Airport: Jandakot Airport
  • Flight Adjustments: Flights will be scheduled from Jandakot, with necessary adjustments to ensure minimal disruption.
  • Shuttle Services: Currently, Rockingham FIFO Shuttles does not service Jandakot Airport. However, we understand the importance of accommodating our passengers. Star Aviation passengers are encouraged to call us directly, and we will do our best to make special arrangements for your transportation needs.

Why These Changes?

These changes are being implemented due to the demolition of the Flight Centre (or Pearl Flight Centre) building. The site is being cleared for the construction of the new Mineral Resources (MRL) building. MRL is launching their own airline shortly, and the new infrastructure is a part of this development.

We understand that such transitions can be challenging, but these upgrades are aimed at enhancing the overall travel experience for all FIFO passengers in the long run.

What Rockingham FIFO Shuttles is Doing

At Rockingham FIFO Shuttles, we are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for you. Here’s how we are supporting our passengers:

  • Updated Shuttle Routes: Our routes have been updated to include the new locations, ensuring that all passengers reach their new terminals without hassle.
  • Timely Updates: We will provide continuous updates on any further changes to schedules or routes.
  • Customer Support: Our customer support team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns regarding these new arrangements.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period of change. Rest assured, Rockingham FIFO Shuttles is here to provide the reliable service you’ve come to expect, ensuring that your travel plans remain smooth and stress-free.

For more information, feel free to contact our customer service team or visit our website. Thank you for choosing Rockingham FIFO Shuttles.